DentaCAD provides a wide array of services to both our manufacturer and dealer customers. Our company started as a CAD equipment drawing company soon followed by the implementation of our sales software, DentaCAD PLUS. In the beginning and still today, we assist our manufacturers in documenting and publishing their equipment into standard CAD files. These files are used by their authorized dealers throughout the industry to do office design work for the dentist. This service is paid for by the manufacturers, and provided at NO CHARGE to their authorized dealers through our DentaCAD Lite system. Through our SmartCatalog and Pricing Database services we also help the manufacturer ensure their data is accurate and formatted properly for distribution to their authorized dealers.

The Dental Dealer benefits greatly from the manufacturer provided services, and we take it several steps further with the DentaCAD PLUS system. The DentaCAD PLUS system gives dealers significant advantages through the Integration of Pricing Data with the Dealer’s own database system. DentaCAD PLUS and SmartSales utilize our unique SmartCatalog feature to assist you with item selection, while the Worksheets give you complete and easy control of pricing, margin levels, finance options, customer quotes, purchase agreements and more. Our systems and service give users full customization of their purchase agreements, proposals, quotes, etc., allowing your documents to project the image you desire. Pulling together all this data is our RepAlert secure synchronization service. RepAlert gives your team all the timely information they need to ensure their data is accurate and always up to date.