We pride ourselves on having a very intuitive and easy to use system. Our customer support platform has the same commitment to excellence. We "Train the Trainer". Each of our customers has a designated person or persons in their organization to be the Trainer. That person has been extensively trained on the use and setup of our system and is the first line of contact in support of the DentaCAD system. As a second tier of support, DentaCad provides the Trainers with direct contact through our service and development team. We have found with our software’s high degree of customization that the best person to fully understand its function for our customer’s team is this liaison between our two companies, the Trainer. In addition to this structure we have and are continuing to develop several additional tools for bringing our customers the best service and support available. See our user guide and soon to be released Training Videos links below.

Several of our customers have designed their own customized training and support modules. Please see your DentaCad Trainer for more details! !